"His Hour Upon the Stage"
L&O, Episode 2.11
Production number: 67407
First aired: 10 December 1991
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Logan Cerreta His Hour Upon The Stage
Written By
Robert Nathan & Giles Blunt

Directed By
Steve Cohen

The frozen body of a Broadway producer is found five years after his death.

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"One plus one equals zero. No motive plus no witness equals no case."

- Gary Wallace

"We love the theater."
"That rehearsal, the one that Mr. Foster missed? You were there all night?"
"You remember where you were five years ago?"
"Yeah, I remember that I wasn't in business with a man who disappeared."

- Mike Logan, Phil Cerreta and Gary Wallace

"Wearing a tux, not homeless... nobody cared enough to miss him?"
"Well, somebody cared enough to freeze him."

- Mike Logan and Donald Cragen

"Five years ago, she's 24, he's 39."
"Yeah, well, May-December romance is not exactly unheard of."
"Yeah, but December usually comes with Santa Claus."
"Look, Foster didn't have a dime. He's poor, she's beautiful. She's an actress, she's got guys hangin' all around her. She's gonna fall for Mr. Big Dreams?"

- Mike Logan and Phil Cerreta

"You know, there's a lesson in this. Never fall in love with an actress."
"Rex Harrison said it. They never stop acting."

- Mike Logan and Phil Cerreta

Judge Silver: Have we got a clerk here? Is he on break or what? [reads docket] The People vs. Gary Wallace. The charge is murder, 2nd degree. Is the defendant ready to enter a plea?
Cobb: Your honor, if it pleases the court...
Judge Silver: Mr. Cobb, you couldn't please this court if you danced an Irish jig on your fingertips. Can we get a plea?!
Wallace: Not guilty.
Judge Silver: Somebody talk to me about bail.
Cobb: Your honor, a 5-year old crime... My client is a respected businessman.
Judge Silver: Whose car was used in the crime, counselor. Mr. Robinette?
Robinette: The People request 200,000, your honor. All cash.
Judge Silver: Mr. Robinette, do you know me to be vindictive? Bond'll be fine. 300,000. [bangs gavel] Where's my clerk?!

Background information and notes Edit

  • This episode seems to be based on the Roy Radin murder case. Radin was a theatrical producer best known for reviving the old Vaudevillian shows. On Friday, May 13, 1983, Roy Radin stepped into a limousine rented by Karen Jacobs-Greenberger with the intention of going to a restaurant and discussing the business arrangement further. About a month later, his body was discovered in a California canyon. He had been repeatedly shot in the head and a stick of dynamite had been set off in his mouth. The story behind Radin’s death was a labyrinthine tangle mostly involving drugs. Greenberger turned out to be a woman of many names and interests. Although producer Robert Evans was initially suspected of the crime, Greenberger was eventually convicted. [1] (Source: Roy Radin at Wikipedia)

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2

Mario's Restaurant
455 W. 14th Street
Tuesday, September 15

Apartment of
Sean Hyland
171 1/2 Canal Street
Thursday, September 24

3 4 5

Correctional Facility
Wednesday, October 14

N.Y.P.D. Impound
Monday, November 9

Office of
U.S. Attorney
Herb Mccann
Tuesday, December 1

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