Holly Schneider
Name Holly Schneider
Occupation Actress
Pathology Proxy rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Gayle Rankin
First Appearance "Theatre Tricks"

Holly Schneider is an actress who set up her friend and roommate to be raped on stage out of envy.


Holly grew up in Hennepin, Minnesota, with her friend Meghan Weller, who she secretly resented, and moved to New York with her so they could both become actresses. In order to pay the rent, she got a job as a prostitute on a website called Suger Babyz. She eventually used her connections to land an audition for a play run by one of her clients, Ted Scott. When Meghan came to run lines with her, Ted decided Meghan was better for the role and cast her as the lead. Holly, sick of being overlooked, formed a plan to ruin all of their lives. She stole one of Meghan's pictures to set up a fake profile on Sugar Babyz, started emailing one of her other clients, Judge Gerald Crane, and made it appear as if Meghan wanted to be forcibly taken from behind during her performance. Holly chose Crane because he had a specific fantasy about rape that she decided to use to her advantage.

Theatre Tricks

On opening night, Holly's plan is put into action as the judge rapes Meghan while another observer holds her hands down. During the investigation, as Detectives Benson and Amaro visit Meghan at her apartment, Holly comes home and feigns caring about Meghan's well-being. When they mention Meghan has a stalker, Holly refers to people like them as stage door johnnies. Later on, Holly convinces Meghan that she should just go home while all of this is sorted out. As they are packing up, Amaro and Rollins arrive and give the false impression that they think Ted set up the profile. They start revealing everything in Holly's life that connects her to the assault and she eventually angrily confesses to setting Meghan up to be raped. She claims she was tired of being considered the "ugly duckling" and that she wanted Meghan to feel what she feels. When Meghan screams at her for what she did, Holly smugly states that it was about time something horrible happened to her. She is then arrested by Rollins while Amaro consoles Meghan. (SVU: "Theatre Tricks")