Hope Garrett
Hope Garrett
Name Hope Garrett
Occupation Nursing home manager
Pathology Serial killer
Status Executed
Actor Mary Kay Place
First Appearance "Vulnerable"

Hope Garrett was the manager of Oak Glade Nursing Home and the prime suspect in the abuse and murders of several elderly people at the home.

Garrett knowingly administered each murder victim with lethal doses of Epinephrine.

After Dr. Melinda Warner's testimony against her, Garrett was convicted and executed for seven counts of premeditated murder.


  • Garrett is based on real-life serial killer Kristen Gilbert, an Angel of Death-type serial killer. Both of them would induce cardiac arrest in patients by injecting their intravenous therapy bags with massive doses of epinephrine, an untraceable heart stimulant. They would then respond to the coded emergency, often resuscitating the patients themselves. Both also worked as nurses who would target elderly patients to get attention.

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