SVU, Episode 10.12
Production number: 10012
First aired: 13 January 2009
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Stabler Benson Hothouse
Written By
Charley Davis

Directed By
Peter Leto

Summary Edit

After a teenage girl is found dead, Benson goes undercover as a madam to catch a sex trafficker. Then the detectives learn the girl was a child prodigy, not a prostitute, and the investigation leads them to her gambling-addict father. It later comes out that the girl had loads of diarrhea the night she was murdered.

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Quotes Edit

(inspecting the teeth of one of Alik's girls)

"You need to lay off the meth, honey."
Olivia Benson

Alik: Ah, here comes the boss lady.
Kim Graylek: Save the grin, ass-wipe.

"You ever see a nerd spaz out? It's ugly."
Danny Burke

"I'm number one now, mom. (beat) Aren't you happy for me?"
Jennifer Banks

== Background information and notes ==

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3 4

Center for
Abused Women
205 Pearl Street
Sunday, December 14

Little Odessa Café
106 Second Avenue
Sunday, December 14

Lychkoff Residence
25-54 78th Street
Queens, New York
Monday, December 15

Morewood School
656 West End Avenue
Tuesday, December 16

5 6 7

Hudson County
Jersey City, New Jersey
Wednesday, January 7

Hudson County
Courtroom 805
Jersey City, New Jersey
Thursday, January 8

Hudson County
Courtroom 805
Jersey City, New Jersey
Monday, January 12

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Season 10
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