Hudson University is a fictional institution of higher learning located in New York City appearing throughout the Law & Order franchise. It appears to have freshmen[1] to doctorate programs.

Hudson University has a premed[2] program, a medical school[3], and research lab[4]. It may have a medical center[5] with an emergency room[6].

Hudson University also has a law school.[7]

Some of the non-medical programs mentioned are art history[8], creative writing[9], engineering[10], math[11], and American studies[12].

Hudson may also have a library[13] attached to the campus.

Hudson University is sometimes shortened to Hudson U or just Hudson. It was once called University of Hudson.[14]

Nicole Wallace, using the alias Elizabeth Hitchens, was employed as a visiting professor at Hudson. She was fired from her position by her lover Christine Fellowes upon being arrested for the murder of a Dean.[12]

Known Students

Known Professors

Known Presidents

  • President Roberts


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