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Hunter Mazelon
Name Hunter Mazelon
Occupation Student
Pathology Serial rapist
Double murderer
Family Bree Mazelon (mother)
Status Institutionalized
Actor Sterling Beaumon
First Appearance "Delinquent"

Hunter Mazelon was a juvenile delinquent who was a suspect in several rapes in New York and Oregon and a murder in New York.


It turns out that the true reason behind Hunter's dark behavior was because he was molested by his babysitter Ellen Huffner when he was seven. Since his mother Bree never brought him to counseling, it is what transformed Hunter into a sociopath. In the end, he gets his revenge on Ellen by killing her: at first he only wants to know why she raped him but, when she refuses to tell him, he resorts to killing her to make sure that no one would suffer the painful life he had.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2010, Portland, Oregon:
    • Belinda Yoland (raped in an elevator)
    • Trina Rydell (raped at knifepoint)
    • Teresa Caudill (raped in a parking lot)
    • Nila Sturm (raped)
    • Susan Perry (raped)
    • Unnamed woman (raped)
  • 2011, New York City, New York:
    • Unknown date: Unnamed schoolteacher (groped)
    • April 29: Annie Meyers (intended to rape)
    • May 3: Madeline Harris (raped and slit her throat)
    • May 6:
      • Unnamed technician (assaulted)
      • Ellen Huffner (shot once in the head)

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