Ida Becker
Name Ida Becker
Occupation Unrevealed
Status Alive
Actor Anne Meara
First Appearance Scavenger

Ida Becker is the mother of failed crime novelist and kidnapper Humphrey Becker. When Humphrey went on a rampage years later, Ida's testimony helped the Special Victims Unit to save Jeannette Hensley from certain death. (SVU: "Scavenger")

History Edit

A single mother who worked two jobs to put her only son through college, Ida Becker's only indulgences were the movies, to which she traveled every weekend. Unfortunately for her, young Humphrey (named for her all-time favorite movie star, Humphrey Bogart) had a terrible fear of the dark and threw tantrums every time the lights went down. Unwilling to give up her movies, Ida began to leave Humphrey locked in the closet of their apartment whenever she went out. This gradually turned Humphrey into such a claustrophobe that in his later years, he would remove all the closet doors in his apartment.

Ida had such high hopes for her son, and yet he seemed to disappoint her at every turn. When he flunked out of journalism school by plagiarizing his thesis in his senior year, Ida was so angry that she cut him out of her life.

20 years passed, and Humphrey remained a miserable failure as he pursued an unsuccessful career as a crime novelist, until finally, he decided to stop writing about serial killers and become one himself, imitating the long-unidentified serial killer known only as RDK. Humphrey was subsequently captured, but not before managing to kidnap the original RDK's only victim, Jeannette Henley, and trapping her in a refrigerator in a dump on Staten Island. In order to get him to disclose Hensley's whereabouts, the detectives of the SVU tracked down Ida and brought her in, correctly deducing that Humphrey's resentment of her was so strong that her presence would destroy his calm. Ida disclosed to the detectives that Humphrey was afraid of small and dark spaces, and so the detectives locked him in a closet until he revealed Henley's location.

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