UK, Episode 6.02
Production number:
First aired: 13 January 2012
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Written By
Nicholas Hicks-Beach

Directed By
James Strong


Following an armed robbery at a takeaway a bystander is killed and Michael Coombs,who has a medical condition,is forced to drive the robbers when their car breaks down. Frank Donovan admits involvement with ex-cellmate Jamie Harper and agrees to divulge where Coombs was taken in exchange to a murder charge being reduced to manslaughter of the onlooker. However Coombs has died,a fact of which Donovan was surely aware and Jake aims to have the agreement annulled against opposition from Donovan's brief Miriam Pescatore. Then Harper's body is discovered buried in the woods and Jake gets his chance to prosecute Donovan for murder.


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"Survivor's Guilt"
Law & Order: UK
Season 6
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