"In Memory Of..."
L&O, Episode 2.07
Production number: 67413
First aired: 5 November 1991
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Elizabeth Olivet In Memory Of
Teleplay By
David Black & Robert Stuart Nathan

Story By
David Black & Siobhan Byrne

Directed By
Ed Sherin

The skeletal remains of a young boy missing for 30 years are found in an apartment building, and the killer needs to be found by digging up some repressed memories.




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Recurring cast

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"We have an obligation to investigate."
"At the expense of my client’s reputation? This man has led an exemplary life."
"Or he hasn’t, and nobody caught him."

- Defense Attorney and Benjamin Stone

"What'd he say?"
"He told us to go to Hell."
"Well, at least he's got a way with words."

- Donald Cragen and Mike Logan

Background information and notes

  • This episode seems to be based on the George Franklin case. During an hypnosis session in the early 1990s, Franklin's daughter, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker, claimed to have recovered repressed memories that her father had murdered her best friend Susan Nason. Franklin was initially convicted of first degree murder, but once the court learned that Eileen was hypnotized prior to recovering this memory, also that Eileen's recollections matched erroneous newspaper accounts rather than the true series of events, Franklin's conviction was overturned. [1]

Episode scene cards

1 2

Home of Doris Keegan
718 Penrose, Fort Lee, NJ
Friday, June 23

Broadway & 84th Street
Monday, July 10

3 4 5

Genuine Life & Casualty
4236 3rd Avenue
Wednesday, July 26

Supreme Court
Trial Part 53
Thursday, October 26

Supreme Court Building
Wednesday, November 1

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