Iran (officially the Islamic Republic of Iran) is a theocratic dictatoral country in the Middle East, the former center of
Islamic republic of iran flag

The Flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran

the Persian Empire. The government of Iran is anti-Semitic and a terrorist regime, the government supporting anti-Israel terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, both of which target Israel.

In the 1950s, the CIA helped to put dictator Reza Pahlevi (often called the Shah) in control of the country in order to prevent the Iranian government from allying itself with the Soviet Union. This backfired in 1979 when the Shah was exiled. The country came under the control of hardline Islamists led by the Ayatollah, and it remains under the control of the Islamists to this day.

In recent years, following the election of anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic Mahmoud Ahmedinejad to the presidency, Iran has been engaged in a war of words with both the United States and Israel, which many people fear will turn into an actual war. Unfortunately, his successor Hassan Rouhani is just the same, calling Israel "a wound" on the Islamic world.

In 2009, the hostilities between Iran, the United States, and Israel were exploited by embezzler George Darvey. Hoping to avoid a murder charge, Darvey sought asylum at the Iranian Consulate in New York City. His plans were foiled, however, when the Manhattan District Attorney's Office managed to convince the Iranians that Darvey was an Israeli double-agent. (L&O: "Rapture") 

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