Isabel Gillies
KathyStabler Kathy Stabler (Season 1)
Kathy Stabler & Monica Johnson
Date of birth
9 February 1970
Place of birth
New York City, New York, USA
KathyStablerPaternity Kathy Stabler (Season 9)
IMDb profile

Isabel Gillies is an actress who played two different characters in Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She is known for her role as Detective Elliot Stabler's wife Kathy Stabler. She appeared in almost every season of the SVU series. She also played the role of Monica Johnson in the L&O episode "Bad Girl".

Isabel's family likes to take summer vacations in Maine that has been a family annual tradition for many generations. Her parents were into politics; her father is a retired former President of Andy Warhol Foundation while her mother is a retired Director of New York City of Education. Isabel got married in December of 1999 to DeSales Harrison, moving many times before settling to Oberlin, Ohio, where DeSales got a teaching job at Oberlin College, as did Isabel for acting. They had two children born in 2001 and 2004 before DeSales fell in love with another woman at the college, getting a divorce. Isabel and the children moved back to New York where she got back with SVU (her character was separated, getting a divorce and did not appear in any episodes in season 7). Isabel met Wallstreet Journalist Peter Lattman at a park for a party of a mutual friend where they played Monkey-in-the-middle with their children (Peter has a daughter from a previous marriage) and they got married on October 13, 2007 in New York City (Mariska Hargitay attended the wedding). In 2009, Isabel released her memoir about her first marriage called Happens Every Day. She is currently writing her second memoir, a sequel, called The Sugar Basket, that will be released in 2011. She has apparently quit acting altogether, focusing on her bookwriting.


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