Jack Crawley was the Chief Financial Officer of Mattawin Corporation He was engaged to Karyn Milner, another employee of Mattawin.

He arranged to have fellow executive Elizabeth Dawson framed and then cleared for a murder in order to persuade her to sign off on Mattawin's quarterly report to the SEC, after she initially refused to do so due to accounting irregularities. Crawley was well aware of them and acted to keep them quiet. Albeit initially unable to obtain evidence against him a simple comment made by his fiancee, Karen Milner, allows Goren crack the case. She overheard him on the phone trying "to buy a collar", but in actuality on business this meant he has sold all the company funds under the table of which included Karen´s parents investments, overcome with the betrayal Karen reveals the truth leading to Crawley's arrest. He tries to make a deal with the detectives but they refuse.(CI: Tuxedo Hill)

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