Jack Kittridge
Name Jack Kittridge
Occupation Politician
Actor Tim Ransom
First Appearance Cold Comfort

Jack Kittridge was a US Senate candidate and member of the famous Kittridge political family.

It was believed by the public that he was the son of Senator Randolph Kittridge and his wife Eloise. He did find out later that his mother had an affair during his father's Senate career with Mr. Monahan, a bodyguard assigned to protect them. He was the product of that affair, but this was kept secret from the Senator.

This fact was found out by the Durning Foundation, which used it to blackmail him during his own campaign for the US Senate. They threatened to expose this unless he sued his sister Eloise to prevent the placement of his father's body in cryogenics. This allowed the Foundation to remove a portion of the Senator's brain for scientific study. (CI: Cold Comfort)

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