Jake Berlin
Jake Berlin
Name Jake Berlin
Occupation Website administrator
Medical supply salesman
Pathology Pedophile
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Tom Noonan
First Appearance "Confession"

Jake Berlin is a self-confessed pedophile.


Berlin is the operator of Pediaphax, a website that posts non-sexual photographs of children to allow pedophiles to vent their sexual urges without hurting anyone. Though he is sexually attracted to prepubescent girls, he claims to have never sexually abused a child. Nevertheless, Berlin believes that the age of consent laws should be changed to allow adult-child sexual relationships.

After learning about him, Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson question Berlin about his site and about Eric Byers, a teenage pedophile who had corresponded with him. Stabler insults Berlin, who gets back at him by posting a picture of Stabler's daughter Elizabeth on the site. An enraged Stabler beats him up, and is suspended for his actions. Berlin subsequently erases Elizabeth's photograph from his servers.

Berlin later brutally murders Eric after he confesses to raping a boy; he is jealous that Eric actually did something that he could only fantasize about. He is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. (SVU: "Confession")

Berlin is probably based on Jack McClellan, a self-identified pedophile who created a website where he posted pictures of little girls that he had photographed in public places.

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