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F'd up kid

Jake O'Hara.

Jake O'Hara was a thirteen-year-old psychopath accused of murdering Brett Morton's five-year-old son, Henry.

Jake and his mother, Leslie, were brought in for questioning as to how his fingerprints matched those on the pebbles found in Henry Morton's throat. Jake stated that Henry saw him accidently kill a cat and he was terrified that the boy would tell, fearing his mother would send him back to a boot camp, where he claimed to have been sodomized and burnt by the other boys.

However, When interviewed by ADA Casey Novak & DR. George Huang, the other boys confirmed that the wounds were self-inflicted and that it was Jake who beat them up and threatened them.

Novak interrupted Jake's family hearing and told the judge that Jake was lying, angering Morton. Jake merely smiled at Morton gruesomely and after walking out of the court room with his mother, he feigned an apology to Morton and kept walking backwards, giving him an insulting smile. This was too much for Dr. Morton, who escaped from Stabler's grasp, grabbed a nearby court officer's gun and shot Jake in the chest. He subsequently died in surgery. (SVU: "Conscience")

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