Jake Swenders
Name Jake Swenders
Affiliation Whit-More High School
Oenoke Yacht Club
Occupation Student
Pathology Proxy rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jeff O'Donnell
First Appearance "Traumatic Wound"

Jake Swenders is a teenage boy who helped his friends set up Gabby Shaw to be gang raped.

History Edit

While growing up Jake was good friends with Alex Peters and Britt Yardley. When Alex dated Gabby she became another member of the group but when she broke up with Alex for being possessive Jake and Britt ostracize her. Eventually Alex developed a plan to get revenge against Gabby for dumping him and enlisted the help of his friends for the plan. The plan was to get a fellow classmate of their named Ralph Priatti to pull down Gabby's top at a rock concert while Ralph's brother Louis Priatti videotaped the assault. The night of the concert Swenders bought tickets for Ralph and Louis.

During the concert while Jake distracts Gabby by dancing with her Ralph pulls her dress down and she is then gang raped by the angry and drunk men in the crowd. After Gabby is brought to the hospital Jake and Britt are questioned by the detectives. When Jake and his friends get the video of the gang rape from Louis they post it on the website of their boarding school. When it is discovered that Ralph was the one who pulled Gabby's dress down he reveals that Jake, Britt and Alex put him up to it. When the detectives question Swenders about buying tickets to the concert for Ralph, he claims that it had nothing to do with what happened to Gabby. When Jake and his friends are brought to court for negligent rape Barba has Frank Patterson as a key witness but their defense attorney tries to use Franks fragmented memory to discredit him which causes him to remember that a video of the assault was taken. When the detectives find Ralph's brother Louis and then find the video of the gang rape and present it as evidence Jake and his friends decide to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit the aggravated sexual assault of Gabby. (SVU: "Traumatic Wound")

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