Jaleel Amir
Name Jaleel Amir
Affiliation New York University
Occupation Student (former)
Pathology Murderer
Family Aziza Amir (mother; deceased)
Saleh Amir (father)
Nafeesa Amir (sister; deceased)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Anil Kumar
First Appearance "Honor"

Jaleel Amir is a man who killed his sister. He claims to have killed his sister to restore his family's honor. He is the son of Afghani diplomat Saleh Amir and his wife Aziza.

When Saleh asked Nafeesa if she was still a virgin, she said no. As a result, Jaleel's own father assaulted her. Jaleel tried to help her, but Saleh didn't let him. Saleh gave Jaleel a kitchen knife, so he was forced to perform an honor killing on his sister. (SVU: "Honor")

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