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James Grall
James Grall
Name James Grall
Title Co-Founder
Affiliation Values Defense League
Occupation Activist
Family Victoria Grall (wife)
Status Deceased
Actor Mark Moses
First Appearance Inconceivable

James Grall is a conservative activist and co-founder of the Values Defense League.


He and his wife were both very highly opposed to the practice of freezing eggs for later use, and attempted to draw attention to their cause by stealing a whole container of frozen eggs. While they had intended to return the eggs unharmed after garnering sufficient publicity, their incompetent handling of the container caused it to run out of liquid nitrogen, destroying the eggs before they could be returned. Just after being arraigned for their actions, James held a press conference to apologize publicly to all those who'd lost eggs. During the press conference, he was shot point-blank in the chest by Scott Ryland and died from his injuries. (SVU: "Inconceivable")

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