James McDonnell
Name James McDonnell
Title Jimmy Mac
Occupation Gangbanger
Pathology Murderer
Proxy rapist
Convicted assailant
Convicted robber
Status Deceased
Actor Anwan Glover
First Appearance "Fight"

James "Jimmy Mac" McDonnell was the leader of a street gang, and the prime suspect in the murder of Julie Donovan.

Prior to the murder, Jimmy Mac had prior convictions for robbery and assault.

Just as Ezra Odami was arrested for the murder, Detective Fin Tutuola chased Jimmy Mac all the way to a garbage truck, where he was accidentally crushed to death. Ezra and his brother Jadon were cleared of all charges when the SVU squad locates Jimmy Mac's biggest prostitute who had taken pictures of him committing the murder for insurance and she turned them over to the police. (SVU: "Fight")

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