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Jamie Hoskins is a student along with Danny Morrison, Cameron Shaw, Leslie Sweeney, and Trevor Olson.

Not much is known about Jamie's past. She is described as an intelligent, pretty, energetic, and seemingly popular student. Unlike many of her peers, Jamie and her friend Leslie refrain from the casual sexual activities their classmates engage in, both girls more in hopes of falling in love.

Jamie later announced to Leslie that she had planned to lose her virginity to Trevor Olson. However Tevor went by a strict policy that he didn't do virgins, but had an interest in Jamie. This then led to Jamie soliciting two other boys Danny and Cameron for a sexual encounter in the bathroom in hopes of hooking up with Trevor. After the janitor caught the three, Jamie lied and claimed Danny and Cameron raped her in order to avoid facing trouble or humiliation.

When the detectives learn that the sex was consensual, they have no other choice but to drop the rape charges and most likely file charges against Jamie for filing a false report. The sexual encounter led to her, Danny, and Cameron being kicked out of school. This events took a turn for the worse when the teenager suffered a nervous meltdown and attempted suicide by running her car into a building. The result was eight people being injured and a 14-year-old girl dead. Benson then learns from a doctor at the hospital that Jamie did not have any drugs or alcohol in her system, but did indeed have the drug used to treat bipolar disorder meaning the young girl was suffering from the mental illness. Jamie was charged with murder and later released on strict order that she is required to take her medication.

The reasoning for Jamie going off her pills was because of Derek Lord, a rockstar who is known for his negative views on psychology and heavily heavily opposed of treatment for the mentally ill. He becomes involved in Jamie's case and pays for her attorney. During the trial, Jamie stops taking her meds but is forced back on them. When Benson visits her, Jamie is upset but somewhat more open to reason of her actions and finally accepting that her parents care about her rather than Derek. And she reveals to Benson what caused him to be sympathetic to her and what caused her to believe in him: he was admitted to a psychiatric institution as a child who had electro-convulsive therapy which destroyed chunks of his memories.

Jamie is convicted of vehicular manslaughter, but Novak promises she will ask to have her tried as a juvenile which would result in her being committed to a residential psychiatric facility.

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