Janis Donovan
Janis Donovan
Name Janis Donovan
Pathology Double murderer
Family Francis Donovan (father; deceased)
Molly Donovan (mother; deceased)
Cass Magnall (sister)
April Magnall (niece)
Status Institutionalized
Actor Cynthia Nixon
First Appearance "Alternate"

Janis Donovan was a psychotic woman who faked dissociative identity disorder. She was acquitted by reason of insanity of second-degree murder in the deaths of her abusive parents and is currently institutionalized. Her accomplice and sister, Cass Magnall, is currently serving the maximum sentences in prison for her role in the murders.

Faked IdentitiesEdit

  • Bert
  • Anna Young
  • Dori Johnson
  • Tammy
  • Petra