Jason Gambel
Name Jason Gambel
Pathology Embezzler
Family Thomas Gambel (father, deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Joseph Sikora
First Appearance "Trophy"
Last Appearance "Rescue"

Jason Gambel is an ex-con who went away for seven years on embezzlement charges.


While he was imprisoned at the Coxsackie Correctional Facility he was raped and tortured by his cellmate Walter Burlock until he eventually got out and started living a clean life. Unfortunately, Burlock was let out and forced his way into Gambel's life by moving into his basement, using his credit cards and car whenever he wanted without consulting Jason.

On SVUEdit

Jason stayed silent after Burlock kidnapped, raped and killed a woman named Samantha Millerton for two days. When Detectives Benson and Stabler showed up at his place to find the car Samantha was transported in Burlock shot at them and put the blame on Gambel. The detectives question him thinking he raped and killed Samantah as well as four other women because it was his female boss that turned him in for embezzlement. His lawyer showed up and tried to make a deal with SVU so they would let Jason go if he would give up Burlock. They eventually found out the truth about Burlock but the search was deemed illegal because of a technicality. When Gambel left to get groceries after being released he came home and saw Burlock had been killed. He was initially a suspect in the murder but was eventually cleared when his alibi checked out. (SVU: "Trophy")

When Burlock's killer Sarah Hoyt is eventually arrested and arraigned he tries to speak with her in the parking lot to thank her. But when he gets there he witnesses Hoyt being killed by Calvin's father David Drecker and runs for his life. He is again suspected of murder but cleared by DNA evidence David left after he spit on Sarah after he killed her. (SVU: "Rescue")

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