Jason Harris
Name Jason Harris
Title Captain
Affiliation United States Army
Occupation Solider
Family Victoria "Vicki" Harris (daughter)
Linda Harris (ex-wife)
Status Alive
Actor Dominic Fumusa
First Appearance "Spiraling Down"
Last Appearance "Street Revenge"

Jason Harris is the father of a rape victim and also friends with Maria Grazie, Amaro's ex-wife.


Jason is a U.S. Army soldier. He is married to a woman named Linda and has a daughter named Vicki. He was deployed to Iraq, where he met and befriended fellow soldier Maria Grazie. When his tour was up, he signed up for another one, which greatly angered his family and caused Linda to think he was cheating on her. As a result, she filed for divorce.


When Vicki calls him from New York, telling him she is sorry, she hears someone threatening her as she hangs up. Jason calls Maria on what to do and she tells him about her husband Nick Amaro's transfer to SVU. He rushes to New York to talk to Nick and tells him everything he knows about Vicki and Linda. Linda then shows up and they start arguing before Captain Cragen breaks them up. After they trace the phone used, Jason calls her and begs her to come home but Vicki hangs up, saying she made a mistake. When they find and arrest Vicki, Jason protests their decision but Cragen assures him it was just to get her out of the hotel room and talk to them. Jason says she will talk to him and Cragen advises that she isn't ready yet. They eventually manage to get her to turn on her pimp and arrest all her johns as Jason helps her through this. He is with her as Nick preps her for trial and says he is worried when the attorney of one of the johns, Jake Stanton, claims insanity while Nick reassures him. Jason hears Nicki testify in court and witnesses in sorrow as Stanton is found not guilty. It is unknown how he reacted when Stanton committed suicide. (SVU: "Spiraling Down")

Jason is later seen having lunch with Maria after her deployment is up. Nick visits him the next day; Jason tells him that his daughter is doing good recovering from what happened and Nick says that is good. After Nick reveals he knew about him meeting Maria, Jason tries to assure him nothing was going on but Nick punches him in the face and tells him to stay away from Maria. Jason later tells Maria about this and she is enraged. (SVU: "Street Revenge").