Jay Kendall
Jay Kendall
Name Jay Kendall
Occupation Congressional lobbyist
Status Imprisoned
Actor David Alan Basche
First Appearance "Wasichu"

Jay Kendall is a corrupt Congressional lobbyist who illegally funneled money from a Native American tribe he represents to Congressman Peter Bellingham.


When Bellingham learns that Kendall's wife, Paula, is a Secret Service agent, he sends his associate Ted Bruno to find out what she knows; Bruno kills her when she arrives home early.

Logan and Barek find out about Kendall's business relationship with Bellingham, and tell Kendall that Bellingham had his wife killed. Kendall agrees to wear a wire while talking to Bellingham, who reveals the extent of his corruption. He is then arrested along with Bellingham.

He is based on former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who was found guilty of fraud and bribing public officials in 2006. (L&O: "Wasichu")

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