Jeff Lynwood
Name Jeff Lynwood
Occupation Fast-food restaurant employee
Pathology Murderer
Family Clive Lynwood (father)
Virginia Lynwood (mother)
Status Institutionalized
Actor John Gallagher Jr.
First Appearance "Lead"

Jeffrey Alan "Jeff" Lynwood was a fast-food restaurant employee and a suspect in the murder of convicted pediatrician Dr. Gilbert Keppler.


Jeff confessed that he was a victim of Dr. Keppler's molestation when he was young. It is later discovered that he has pica, a neurological disorder in which one eats non-food objects. The paint he licked off his toy cars was later discovered to be lead paint, which later leads to the discovery that Jeff had lead poisoning.

After his insanity plea, he was sent to a psychiatric facility for treatment, whilst the owner of the toy cars from which he licked off the paint was forced to pay him lifetime financial support so as not to be charged with reckless endangerment in Dr. Keppler's death.

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