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Jennifer Banks

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Jennifer Banks
Name Jennifer Banks
Occupation Student
Pathology Murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Sarah Hyland
First Appearance Hothouse

Jennifer Banks is a 14 year old girl who attended the private school Morewood for intelligent students, and a suspect in the murder of her roommate Elsa Lychkoff. She pleaded guilty to the murder and she was sentenced to a maximum of 7 years in a juvenile prison and she will be released on or before her 21st birthday.

Appearing in her dorm room, Jennifer was devastated that her best friend Elsa was found murdered. Although she lied to the detectives about some clothes which were from Halloween she had given to Elsa which were lated revealed to be hers, Jennifer was taken into custody by Detectives Benson and Stabler and in the interrogation room with her mother Suzanne, Jennifer shows her true colours as she is glad that Elsa was dead, since she was getting all the attention, as she was in the newspaper and scholarship offers, since the school put Elsa and Jennifer together to compete against each other, Elsa always came out on top, Jennifer found it unfair as she studied so hard and yet her roomate was smarter than her even though she never studied according to Jennifer. Suffering a psychotic like breakdown, Jennifer admits that she followed Elsa to the ferry one day to see a boy named Danny but she couldn't run away from Jennifer in the middle of the Hudson River. Elsa pushed her, so Jennifer retaliated by jabbing Elsa's chest with her pen as she pushed Jennifer again this was the last straw for her and she slammed Elsa's head against the railing over and over again, Jennifer reveals that no-one saw her and Elsa fight because it was raining and they were inside, Elsa tried to scream for help but no-one could hear her because the ferry horn started to blow, Elsa fell down and Jennifer pushed into the river.

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