Jerry Bullard
Name Jerry Bullard
Affiliation Bullard Aviation Systems
Occupation Aviation engineer
Pathology Murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Tom Irwin
First Appearance "Bombshell"

Jerry Bullard is a murderer.


Jerry is an aviation engineer who designs tires, landing gear, and struts for military aircraft. He frequently goes with his wife Jane to the Swing Set, a "swinger's" sex club in New York City. At the Swing Set he fell in love with Cassandra. "Cassandra" is really one of many aliases that the woman goes by (and the audience never finds out her real name). Jerry becomes completely infatuated and obsessed with Cassandra, and gives away tens of thousands of dollars of his family's money to her behind his wife's back -- including from his daughter Jeanette's college fund. At one point Jerry gets into a fight with "Doug" -- Cassandra's brother who is also going by an alias and for whom the audience never finds out his real name either. Cassandra and Doug are in an incestuous relationship, and run a scam in which Doug pretends to abuse Cassandra to evoke pity from people like Jerry. Instead of going on a business trip to Washington, D.C. as he was supposed to, Jerry instead secretly skips the flight and goes to the Swing Set to see Cassandra again. Jerry's wife Jane found out about this, so she went to the Swing Set and stabbed Jerry in retaliation for cheating on her and for giving away the family's money to Cassandra. (Jane lied to Benson and Stabler at first, pretending to be unaware that Jerry did not go to Washington, D.C. and that he was stabbed.)

When Jerry awakens at the hospital after his attack, he comes clean to his daughter Jeanette about Cassandra and the Swing Set, seeming to be repentant about the adultery. However, when Cassandra and Doug are prosecuted, Jerry fully pays for Cassandra's defense, attends the arraignment hearing, resolves to post her bail, and says he will wait for her outside, showing the he is still obsessed with her. Stabler then explains to Jerry that Jerry is making a fool of himself, and Benson explains that "Cassandra" isn't even Cassandra's real name, but Jerry retorts, "That's her name with me. Cassandra loves me just as much as I love her. Now leave me the hell alone."

After Benson and Stabler find out from DNA results that Cassandra and Doug are siblings, they attempt to explain the incestuous relationship to Jerry. He at first tries to deny this and accuses the detectives of wanting to ruin what he has. Benson asks if Jerry really wants his daughter around this kind of a woman. When the detectives explain that Doug and Cassandra kissed each other after Doug was released and that there was a condom found at their place under the only bed, Jerry is appalled, saying, "My God. But I love her! In a way I never felt with Jane -- I love Cassandra with every bit of my heart! We're soulmates! I gave up my whole life to be with her."

Still, Jerry has not been disabused of his infatuation, and is still hopelessly obsessed with Cassandra. Jerry bails out Doug (after he already did so for Cassandra) with a plot to get rid of him. Jerry lures Doug to his house, pretending to be conciliatory, telling him that Cassandra would be there soon, and giving him a beer. Jerry then sneakily grabs Doug's knife, and stabs Doug with it, killing him. Jerry wants to spin this murder as a positive surprise for Cassandra in that he has gotten rid of what he saw as the obstacle to them being together, so in a sick way, he lays rose petals from the doorway up to the body as a sick form of "red carpet" presentation of this. Jerry, having lost his wife and daughter due to his infidelity, invites Cassandra to come live with him, telling her on the phone that he has this surprise for her (but not yet saying what it is).

Once Benson and Stabler find Jerry and the scene of Doug's murder in Jerry's house, Jerry says to them, "Now Cassandra and I can be together... forever." As Cassandra walks in, he says to her, "Right, honey?" Cassandra is horror-struck to find what happened and grieves over Doug's dead body as the episode ends.

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