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Jessica Crewes
Name Jessica Crewes
Title Corporal
Affiliation US Marines
Occupation Solider
Family Unnamed mother
Unborn child (with Gary Rosten; deceased)
Status Deceased
First Appearance "PTSD"

Corporal Jessica "Jessie" Crewes was a pregnant Marine who was murdered and her unborn baby was cut out of the womb. Her body was discovered in the trunk of her car after the car was towed to the impound lot. Jessie went A.W.O.L. from the Marines to join a therapy group that specializes in military women with PTSD.

It is revealed that Jessie was raped & impregnated by a fellow Marine while serving in Iraq. She didn't report the rape because she had gotten in trouble before for having sex while on duty and left because she wanted to get away from her rapist.

Jessica's mother told SVU that Jessie called her after she was raped, but didn't reveal her attacker. Her mother said to file a complaint, but Jessie said she was getting harassed because a sergeant lost his stripe for hanging around her & his unit blamed her. The sergeant's name was Dominic Pruitt.

Pruitt denies raping or murdering Jessie and says that he spoke to her prior to her death and that the last time he saw her was 5 months ago. He says that Jessie was a friend and a fellow Marine & he wanted to help her get back into the Marines to get help for her rape.

Later, it is revealed that Pruitt is not the father of Jessie's baby which prompts the SVU squad to look at the other suspects in her case. In the end, Lt. Gary Rosten is revealed to be the father of Jessie's baby & her rapist. He and his wife, Marlene Rosten murdered Jessie and her child. Rosten threw the baby's body into the Hudson River. (SVU: PTSD)

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