Jessie Dawning
Name Jessie Dawning
Occupation Actress
Family Franco Marquez (husband)
Status Alive
Actor Maggie Grace
First Appearance "Obscene"

Jessie Dawning is the lead teenage actress of a popular and controversial show "Girls Undercover". She was raped by Danny Spencer.

Jessie Dawning is found unconscious and raped in her trailer. The detectives turn to an organization lead by Carolyn Spencer who protested Jessie's show. Then, they turn towards a radio shock-jock, BJ Cameron who said lewd things about Jessie. Eventually it is reveled that Carolyn's son, Danny, is responsible for raping Jessie. Novak, believing he might be feeling guilty for what he did, brings in Jessie to confront Danny for raping her. After he pleas guilty for what he did she and her adult husband leave the courtroom.

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