Jill Templeton
Name Jill Templeton
Occupation Magazine editor
Status Alive
Actor Robin Tunney
Allison Krizner
First Appearance L&O: "Mayhem" (Robin)
Last Appearance SVU: "Entitled" (Allison)

Jill Templeton is a magazine editor who later became a witness to one of Arthur Pruitt's murders.


In 1994, she met a man named Ken Scofield at a bar called Garage and followed him to his car. As they were about to have sex in his car, Arthur Pruitt walked up to them and shot Ken once in the head. She flees from the scene and tries to hail a cab before being taken in by police officers. Detectives Briscoe and Logan interview her and she tells them how they met and why they chose the car. She tells them about Ken's murder and gives them a description. They call her back to look at a line-up with a man named Scott Hexter as the prime suspect and she picks another man. (L&O: "Mayhem")

Jill is later called in to identify Arthur Pruitt along with two other supposed witnesses: Stephanie Mulroney and Helen Katish. After a few seconds, she identifies Pruitt as the man who killed Ken and leaves the station. (SVU: "Entitled")


  • She is incorrectly credited as "Julie Templeton" in the SVU episode "Entitled".

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