Jim Radcliff is a resident of New York City and a former candidate for the US House of Representatives.

He has a daughter, Regan Radcliff, with his ex-wife Kay Connelly.

During his marriage, he sometimes took his wife to Bacchus & Venus, a club where sexual activities took place, despite his wife not wishing to go. During the divorce, Connelly and Radcliff agreed to keep this information secret to protect Regan.

Though he denied going to Bacchus and Venus any more than one time, and claimed to be disgusted with what happened there, a black address book uncovered during the murder investigation of a Men's Privilege centerfold indicated he had been there several times.

During his candidacy for Congress, the murderer in that case attempted to blackmail Radcliff with the contents of the book. Radcliff had intended to pay the blackmail, however, they were murdered by Connelly who wished to prevent the book from becoming public at all.

After Connelly's arrest and guilty plea, Radcliff ended his campaign for Congress to spend more time with Regan. (CI: Sex Club)

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