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Jo Marlowe

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Jo Marlowe
Jo Marlowe
Name Jo Marlowe
Title Assistant District Attorney
Affiliation Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Division Sex Crimes Bureau
Occupation Assistant District Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Sharon Stone
First Appearance Torch
Last Appearance Shattered

Jo Marlowe was the former Assistant District Attorney of the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. She is played by Sharon Stone. She is Elliot Stabler's former partner in law enforcement. She retired from NYPD in 1995 after she two undercover detectives died in an attempt to arrest a drive-by murderer. Marlowe was hired by Jack McCoy as a temporary ADA for the Sex Crimes Bureau.

It was revealed in Season 11's finale that she had an aggressive cancer that required mastectomy. While she had reconstructive surgery, her lover lost all interest in her and eventually left. The ordeal was so crushing that Jo described herself as barely functional in her personal life. She managed to overcome her grief and return to work, with her appearance in Season 11.

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