Joanne Suarez was an inmate of Rikers and the mother of Antonia. She never told Social Services that she had a daughter or was pregnant because she didn't want them to take her child, so she had her at home and left her with the Morongs before she went to Rikers. She was visited by Detectives Stabler and Benson where they revealed that her daughter had AIDS, which meant that Joanne was HIV positive, but she didn't know that she was positive, as she quit using drugs when she found out she was pregnant. She doesn't know who Antonia's father is, saying that she's a trick baby, but that didn't mean that she didn't love her, as she showed genuine concern and sadness when she asked if her daughter was okay.

It is unknown what her condition is now, but it is likely that she receiving medication for her HIV. (SVU: "Retro")

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