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Jocelyn Paley is an author who took credit for writing an S&M romance novel and she was raped by Adam Cain.

After appearing on Adam Cain's talk show Jocelyn starts flirting with him and they go back to his apartment where they play S&M game's until Cain starts getting to rough and then sexually assaults Jocelyn while choking her with his belt. While she is in the hospital being treated for the wounds she received from the rape she is hesitant to tell Olivia and Amanda that she was raped, Olivia then gives Jocelyn her card so that Paley can call Olivia for when she is ready to press charges. While at a party to celebrate her book and success Adam appears happy for her in front of everyone but when he corners her on the elevator where she freezes out of fear while he rapes her again. After the second attack a traumatized Jocelyn come's to Benson's house explaining what Adam did to her and is ready to press charges. At trial Cain and his defense try to use the S&M book to claim that Jocelyn wanted what happened in his house. Detective Amaro goes to Jocelyn's old college to find the guy she experimented sexually but what they do find is that it was one of Jocelyn's female teachers who wrote the book, because she was a teacher and she couldn't have her name be associated with the S&M book and asked Jocelyn to take credit for writing the book. When the detectives tell Jocelyn that they know she didn't write the book, she asks them not to tell anyone but they have a legal obligation to inform the defense. Jocelyn then says she wants to drop the charges, but Barba informs her that even if she drops the charges the world will still know. When the defense hears of this they try to use this fact to portray Jocelyn as a liar and claim that her rape allegations are false. But Barba is able to prove that Adam really is a rapist and he is convicted. Outside the courthouse Jocelyn is still disappointed that her career is ruined but Barba then tells her that America loves a comeback. (SVU: "Twenty-Five Acts")

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