Jodie Lanier
Name Jodie Lanier
Affiliation Grant High School
Occupation Student
Family Unnamed mother
Status Unknown
Actor Grace Van Patten
First Appearance "October Surprise"

Jodie Lanier is a fifteen-year-old student who sexted with mayoral front-runner Alex Muñoz.


After she friended Muñoz online, Lanier started trading explicit photos with him. As a result Muñoz had a relative of his send her money in exchange for her keeping their online relationship a secret. When SVU detectives Nick Amaro and Odafin Tutuola arrive at her school, they bring her into an empty classroom to question her. When Lanier is told that they wan't to question her about her and Muñoz relationship she refused to tell them anything. When the detectives tell her that they can search her phone she maintains that she has rights but they tell her that they can get a court-order to search her phone but would also have to inform her mother. Lanier then gives them her phone and allows them to search it in exchange for them not telling her mother, which leads to Muñoz being put on trial for possessing child pornography and bribery. (SVU: "October Surprise")