Joe Dutton
Name Joe Dutton
Affiliation NYPD
Occupation Police Officer
Family Alexandra Eames (wife)
Status Deceased

Joe Dutton was a Detective in the NYPD and husband of Det. Alexandra Eames. They met just after he passed his Detective's exam in 1994, and in 1995, they married. He was not a sophisticated or romantic man - he once bought Alex a taser gun as an anniversary gift, and the only song he knew was "Wild Rover" - but he was good to Alex and supported her, even when she joined the Vice Squad in Chelsea in 1996 and began going undercover. (CI:The War at Home)

Sadly, Joe was killed in late 1998 while undercover on a drug bust. It was believed at the time that the killer was Ray Delgado, and he was convicted of the crime. However, after Joe's former partner, Det. Kevin Quinn, was killed in 2007, Det. Robert Goren decided to re-open Dutton's shooting, despite Alex's plea for him to leave it alone. After re-interviewing all of the witnesses and reviewing the evidence, Goren determined that the actual killer was Manny Beltran, who had been quickly shuttled out of the country by an older cousin after the shooting, but had felt so much guilt over his actions that he became a doctor. (CI: Amends)

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