Johnny Stivers
Name Johnny Stivers
Occupation Limo driver
Pathology Murderer
Drug smuggler
Status Imprisoned
Actor Michael Imperioli
First Appearance Atonement

Johnny Stivers was a suspect in the murder of model Sharon Lasko, a model for whom he had unrequited romantic feelings.


Johnny worked as a limo driver for drug lord Frederick Scannel, for whom he transported cocaine in the trunk of the limo. In a misguided attempt to impress Sharon, Johnny showed her the cocaine. Furious, Scannel ordered Johnny to kill Sharon to silence her; when Johnny refused, Scannel threatened to kill him. Johnny then reluctantly shot Sharon to death.

Johnny later testified against Scannel to avoid the death penalty and was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in Sharon's murder, while Scannel was executed. (L&O: "Atonement")

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