Joseph Rivera
Joe Rivera Amends
Name Joseph Rivera
Affiliation New York County Supreme Court
Division Criminal Court
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor Shawn Elliott
First Appearance "Blue Bamboo"
Last Appearance "DR 1-102"

Joseph "Joe" Rivera is a judge in New York City.

Judge Rivera presided over evidentiary motions in the case of Raymond Hobbes, who was accused of murdering two women. Eventually a plea was negotiated in the case. (L&O: DR 1-102)

Cases triedEdit

  • Grants ADA Kincaid's motion for Bowen to turn over one of her public hairs for comparison to one found in the victim's watch and goes further by ordering her to appear in a line-up for a witness.
  • Denies defense's motion to exclude the embassy report and Bowen's statements in it proving Bowen knew the victim prior to when she murdered him.
  • Allowed Bowen to use a justification defense based on battered woman's syndrome.
  • Granted Dr. Watanabe, a expert witness for the defense, some latitude in exploring Japanese culture as it relates to the abuse of women.
  • Reads a jury instruction towards the jury highlighting that they may not consider the victim's prior acts, country of origin or race in their deliberations.
  • Grants multiple motions from Sarno's attorney and various other attorneys representing the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Medical Association and Alcoholics Anonymous to suppress Sarno's confession to rape and murder in a group therapy session on the ground of doctor-patient confidentiality.
  • Denies defense's motion to exclude the testimony of Janice Trainor because the testimony is unsubstantiated but grants counsel the right to argue in closing that the testimony is unsupported by documents and that it's fabricated.


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