Joseph Serumaga
Stabler and The Devil Hell
Name Joseph Serumaga
(AKA "The Devil of Gulu")
Title The Devil of Gulu
Affiliation Lord's Resistance Army
Occupation Former rebel commander
Pathology Mass murderer
War criminal
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Michael Colter
First Appearance "Hell"

Joseph Serumaga (alias The Devil of Gulu) is a former soldier in the Lord's Resistance Army of Uganda.


Serumaga was a commander with the Lord's Resistance Army and was responsible for thousands of deaths. After burning a church with twelve people in it, he was known as "The Devil of Gulu". He was indicted by the United Nations' International Criminal Court for war crimes. However, Serumaga successfully evaded them and sought political asylum in the U.S., which he was granted. He has since lived in the U.S. under the alias of Samuel Mbazzi and held down a job as a janitor.

He was finally brought down after assaulting his former sex slave, Miriam Burdette, in 2009, and later firebombing the car of her adoptive father, Theo Burdett. During his arrest, Serumaga assaulted Detective Elliot Stabler with a mop, but was subdued by him at gunpoint. After being confronted by Miriam, he was transported to The Hague to be tried for war crimes by the International Criminal Court. (SVU: "Hell")

Known Victims

  • Uganda:
    • Killed thousands of unnamed people during his time in the Lord's Resistance Army
    • Twelve unnamed people (burned to death in a church)
  • New York City, New York, U.S.: