Josh Galloway
Name Josh Galloway
Occupation Comedian
Pathology Serial rapist
Status Registered
On probation
Actor Jonathan Silverman
First Appearance "Comic Perversion"

Josh Galloway is a popular comedian who raped several collage students.

Background Edit

When telling jokes onstage, Galloway would often make jokes about rape, much to the criticism of some. Whenever he performed at a college, he would bring drunk fans back to his hotel to have sex. If the women declined his advances, he would rape them. The next day, he would give them gift baskets to convince them to not report the assault. Two of his victims were Carly Rydell and Audrey Truffaut.

Comic Perversion Edit

One day, Galloway was called to perform for students at Tompkins Square University. During the performance, he made jokes about rape, which prompted Renee Clark, a former rape victim who led a support group for female rape victims, to protest about how offensive his jokes were. In response, Galloway jokes that it would be funny if she got gang-raped. After she leaves, Clark is almost assaulted by fellow classmates who are fans of Galloway. After the would-be assailants are arrested, Sergeant Benson and Detective Amaro go to question Galloway for inciting an attempted rape. However, he claims that his jokes do not facilitate rape and invites them to his next show.

When Benson, Cassidy, Fin, and Rollins attend, Galloway's rape jokes and are disgusted. As they leave, they are approached by Rydell, who tells them about how Galloway raped her in the past. After interviewing Truffaut, the SVU detectives arrest Galloway in the hotel lobby. While being arrested, Galloway claims that he is being persecuted for his jokes. Outside the courthouse, Galloway and his attorney Rita Calhoun argue that he respects women and that the state is only trying to punish him for his jokes. In court, Rydell testifies about how Galloway raped her. During cross-examination, Calhoun counters that she was lying out of embarrassment. Later, Galloway shows an online video of Rydell being drunk and acting promiscuous, as proof that she committed perjury.

When Galloway takes the stand, he claims that he did not rape Rydell and makes jokes during A.D.A. Barba's cross-examination. He then states that he is an artist and that the only reason he is on trial is for the jokes he tells. While he was drinking at a bar, Clark disguises herself to entrap him. After flirting in the bar, they go up to Galloway's room, where he tries to rape Clark. However, she manages to fight him off and records the assault using a miniature camera on her eyeglasses. When Barba shows Galloway and Clark the video, he agrees to take a plea of sexual assault in which he would be registered as a sex offender and put on probation. (SVU: "Comic Perversion")

Known Victims Edit

  • Several unnamed victims (all raped)
  • Carly Rydell (raped)
  • Audrey Truffaut (raped)
  • Renee Clark (assaulted and attempted to rape)

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