Kazi Hasni
Kazi Hasni
Name Kazi Hasni
Occupation Restaurant owner
Pathology Murderer
Family Safia (wife)
Dani (son)
Meena (daughter, deceased)
Unborn grandchild (deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Erick Avari
First Appearance World's Fair

Kazi Hasni is a Pakistani-American who moved to the United States to ensure a better life for his children.

Kazi was married to Safia, and had two children, Dani and Meena. Kazi had strong believes due to his Muslim heritage.

Kazi and his wife previously owned a restaurant called Jewel of Punjab. They had to close down their restaurant after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. Kazi and his family were now in charge of Hasni's, a grocery store. They all lived in a small apartment above the store. His son had to drop out of college to help with the business.

Kazi had arranged a marriage for his daughter with Tariq Amir, but she refused to marry him. Meena was in love with Rudy Ventano. Because of her love for Rudy she got killed. After her murder, Rudy became the prime suspect for Detectives Mike Logan and Megan Wheeler, because Meena was seven weeks pregnant. Rudy wanted to tell the Hasni's that he wasn't the one to blame for her murder, but Kazi flew into a rage. Rudy got killed in the struggle that followed. Kazi was sent to Rikers Island, but it turned out that he had killed the wrong man. When he realized his mistake Kazi wanted to take the blame for Meena's murder, but it soon became clear that Dani was the real killer. Dani wanted to save the family's honor by killing his own sister. (CI:"World's Fair")

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