Keith Gerard
Name Keith Gerard
Affiliation Chandler Hinton
Occupation Businessman
Pathology Serial killer
Proxy murderer
Drug dealer
Status Executed
Actor Joseph Murphy
First Appearance "Risk"

Keith Gerard was the head of a drug operation where he would rent babies from employees, when the police began closing in he murdered the parents so as not to be identified as the perpetrator.

Based on an invoice from victim Francesco Flores, SVU detectives found Gerard in a corporate day care center, where he attempted to shoot another employee and arrested him.

Gerard was convicted of multiple counts of murder in the first degree and attempted murder in the first degree and was executed.

Known Victims

  • Derek Pfeiffer (strangled to death by Brad Kendall)
  • Frank Berry (shot once in the back of the head)
  • Denise Draper (shot once in the head)
  • Laura Pfeiffer (shot once in the head)
  • Francesco Flores (shot once in the head)
  • Blanca Flores (shot once in the head)
  • Ten other unnamed parents