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Ken Randall
Ken Randall
Name Kwasi Randall
Occupation Social worker
Family Alejandro Pavel (husband)
Unborn child
Teresa Randall (mother)
Odafin Tutuola (father)
Darius Parker (half-brother/uncle)
Sam Randall (uncle)
Dante Randall (cousin)
Status Alive
Actor Ernest Waddell
First Appearance "Haunted"
Last Appearance "Intersecting Lives"

Kwasi "Kenneth" Randall (born February 18, 1984), born as Kwasi Tutuola, is the son of Special Victims Unit Detective Odafin Tutuola. It is referenced in a few episodes that he is gay. He has an uncle/half-brother named Darius.

Ken uses his mother's name as his relationship with his father was strained. When Fin was shot, Ken was listed as his next of kin. It was then that his strained relationship with his father was revealed. Ken has crossed paths with the SVU squad and his father by being involved usually indirectly with several cases.

While Ken's relationship with Fin is still strained, it has been improving as Ken has been instrumental in assisting the squad with the cases he's been involved in and was recruited in one case to go undercover at a gay rights group when a member was using vigilante justice against gay men.

Fin even tells Detective Amanda Rollins that Ken is "the bravest man I know" for being an openly gay black man. (SVU: "Personal Fouls")

Ken is engaged to Alejandro Pavel who is assaulted by Dominican gang BX9. Ken, who was nervous about introducing Alejandro to his father, goes to him for help and is forced to reveal his relationship with Alejandro who is in critical condition. Fin is able to catch the people responsible and send them away for a federal hate crime. When Alejandro's father, who cut off contact with him after he came out visits, he declares himself next of kin and kicks Ken out. However, Fin is able to get Alejandro's father to see reason by talking to him father to father and Ken is let back in. (SVU: "Learning Curve")

Ken eventually marries Alejandro and they invite Fin to dinner with someone they want to introduce him to. (SVU: "Sheltered Outcasts")

It is revealed that Ken eventually got a job as a social worker at a halfway house. Ken reveals to Fin that he and Alejandro are starting a family and found a surrogate mother who is three months pregnant. Ken later gets a call from one of his clients at the halfway house who exclaims that she was raped by her old CO. (SVU: "Intersecting Lives")


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