Kendra Gill
Name Kendra Gill
Title Defense Attorney
Assistant District Attorney (former)
Affiliation Manhattan District Attorney's Office (former)
New Jersey District Attorney's Office (former)
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Gretchen Egolf
First Appearance "Hothouse"
Last Appearance "Rhodium Nights"

Kendra Gill, while working for the New Jersey District Attorney's office is seen as a "hard-ass" prosecutor as she pushes to have her attacker prosecuted as an adult, a girl who all the detectives believe should be tried as a child. She later transferred to the New York DA's office and works with SVU in investigating a murder. When it is revealed that the killer was manipulated by his shrink who was sexually abusing him she prosecutes the case. She offers a deal to a women raping her patient. A.D.A Kendra Gill reappears in the 13th season as a defense attorney. It seems that for unknown reasons she has left her job at the DA's office in New York.

Prosecutions handledEdit




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