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Kenneth Cleary

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Kenneth Cleary
Kenneth Cleary
Name Kenneth Cleary
Pathology Serial rapist
Family Meredith Cleary (wife)
Unnamed son
Status Deceased
Actor Neil Maffin
First Appearance Closure (Part I)
Last Appearance Closure (Part II)

Kenneth Cleary was a man who is responsible for sexually assaulting numerous women in New York, DC, and Philadelphia. He was previously charged with possession of stolen property. He was married to Meredith Cleary and had a young son.

He was questioned for the rape of Harper Anderson, but Harper couldn't identify him and he was released. After that, Harper started stalking Kenneth and harassing his wife. Harper witnessed Kenneth assaulting Lori Thatcher, but after Harper smashed his car with a crowbar, she was an unreliable witness.

After Meredith Cleary told the SVU detectives about the jewelry that Kenneth gave her (which he stole from the women he raped), Kenneth was arrested and charged. But during the trial, Meredith broke spousal privilege which caused a mistrial. In the end, Kenneth was shot and killed by either his wife or Harper.

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