Kevin Wright
Name Kevin Wright
Occupation Engineer
Pathology Registered sex offender
Family Isabelle Wright (sister)
Unnamed uncle
Status Institutionalized
Actor Kevin Mambo
First Appearance "Reparations"

Kevin Wright was a bipolar sex offender and a suspect in the rape of Catherine Harrison.


Psychiatrists diagnosed Kevin with rape trauma syndrome after he was sexually assaulted by his "crazy uncle". In March 2000, he pleaded guilty to second-degree unlawful surveillance and was registered as a level-2 sex offender for taking photos of a woman undressing in her bedroom from the roof of his building, telling police he was taking stills for his job at an engineering firm. He was also arrested for trespassing. Kevin was subsequently dismissed from the firm.

He usually used the fire escape to get to the roof to watch the bridges because they were his passion. It was at first assumed he was watching Catherine Harrison. (SVU: "Reparations")

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