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Kim Greylek

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Kim Greylek
Name Kim Greylek
Title Assistant District Attorney
Affiliation Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Division Sex Crimes Bureau
Occupation Lawyer
Actor Michaela McManus
First Appearance Trials
Last Appearance Lead

Kim Greylek is the third Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Special Victims Unit, following Casey Novak, who replaced Alexandra Cabot. Under the purview of the U.S. Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women, she handled cases relating to women's rights and abuse in Washington D.C.; her colleagues back there gave her the nickname "The Crusader".

Perhaps due to the circumstances under which she was hired (Novak was censured for violating Brady rules in a trial involving Detective Chester Lake), Greylek has taken a tougher line with the Special Victims Unit.

As of episode 15 of SVU Season 10, Greylek has returned to Washington, DC; Alexandra Cabot returned to fill in for her as interim ADA for the Special Victims Unit. Cabot explained that a change in the administration in the DA's office was the reason for Greylek leaving, returning to work with the Justice Department, and Alexandra returning.

Kim Greylek

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