Kim Hoffman
Name Kim Hoffman
Family Daniel Hoffman (ex-husband)
Tommy Hoffman (son)
Status Alive
Actor Signy Coleman
First Appearance "Desperate"

Kim Hoffman was the first wife of Daniel Hoffman and the biological mother of Tommy Hoffman. Many of the whole town saw Kim and her husband as a perfect couple, but many loved her husband and had friends with everyone including the police. But most didn't know that Kim was Dan's victim of constant spousal abuse. Like the perfect abuser, he kept Kim isolated from friends and appeared to have no family to fall to. Kim was so petrified of her husband, that she felt even terrified to be caught talking to an elderly neighbor if she thought it would upset Dan.

It was that same neighbor that was the only one that noticed Kim was being abused. According to Dan, Kim one day "abandoned" him and Tommy. Though their neighbor suspected otherwise, remembering her fear and isolation Dan put her, he suspected she had been murdered. Especially when it seemed the night she left, he saw a van. Their local cops did look up, but claimed the lead was just a snoopy old man's speculations. Since the van's owner claimed they were selling cookies.

Olivia and Elliot would look more into this where they stopped. It was revealed, that some women knew of Kim's abuse and knew she'd never stand a chance leaving with Dan's connections. It was a type of "underground" for battered wives. According to her first stop, Kim was literally dying if she didn't escape Dan. Many had hoped once Kim got settled on her final stop, she'd come back for Tommy. After many stops, they found Kim.

She admitted she wanted to go back for Tommy but when she saw him with his stepmother Jill, she felt immediate guilt and thought he had moved on with another mother. Elliot tried his best to persuade her to come back, as she was the only one who could legally try to protect Tommy from Dan. She eventually came to Dan's trial for Kim's murder, something that even surprised him. She and Tommy had a quick reunion before trial.

During which she apologizes for leaving Tommy behind and reveals she left because Dan scared her. To which Tommy replied "me too". When Tommy first crumbles during his testimony Dan tries to assert, subtly his manipulation to him by saying he loved him. Its then Tommy looks at his mother, this gives him some strength as he looks to his father and says "You killed Jill" and deciding to testify again.

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