Name King
Pathology Murderer
Status Euthanized
First Appearance "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

King was a 20-month-old pit bull who featured in the Law & Order episode "Who Let the Dogs Out" where he mauled jogger Sandra Meekin to death in Riverside Park.

He was captured by Animal Control, following a second attack at the same park, though thanks to her friends intervention the second would-be victim survived but was left severely injured. The presence of a collar and a microchip in his ear indicated that he was not a stray.

Originally of sound temperament and sweet in nature King was purchased under false pretences from his breeder then trained to fight. This according to expert testimony enhanced his aggression to extreme levels making him dominating and unsafe for anyone / anything (other dogs in particular, no matter what their size, number or breed) to be around. He eventually came into the possession of Sherri and Roger Quinn, who bought him for protection. On the day of the attack, they lost control of him at the park.

The pair were eventually arrested and booked for manslaughter in Meekin's death.

At their trial the Quinns claimed that they had no idea about King's aggressive nature, insisting that he was sweet, protective around them and was provoked into attacking. To prove otherwise, EADA Jack Mccoy had King brought before the court as evidence, though not without the dog wearing a heavy muzzle, strong leash and being controlled by an animal control officer. King's unprovoked, aggressive nature (rabid barking) intimidated everyone else, including the Quinns. King even charged aggressively at Roger, contradicting their claims that King was gentle not just in general but around them too.

After the Quinns pleaded guilty and were sentenced to two years in prison, King was euthanized by Animal Control. The prosecutors felt sympathy for the dog but concluded that this was the inevitable outcome.

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