Krug (Mrs.)
Ms. Krug
Name Mrs. Krug
Occupation Baker
Pathology Child abuser
Murder facilitator
Family Two unnamed ex-husbands
Jerry Dupree (son)
Brendan Krug (son)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Margaret Colin
First Appearance "Tortured"

Mrs. Krug is a baker who would constantly beat her sons Jerry Dupree and Brendan Krug. As a result, Jerry suffered severe head trauma, which caused him to kill a woman named Kunsong Bennett.

History Edit

When Jerry was five years old, Mrs. Krug caught him playing with women's shoes and subsequently beat him so badly that he had to go to the hospital. The doctor told them that further blows to the head could cause irreversible brain damage. After her first husband left her, she remarried for a brief time and had another son named Brendan. She also beat Brendan and blamed Jerry for being an embarrassment. On one occasion, when Jerry started talking to a woman about her shoes, Mrs. Krug took a frying pan and viciously beat Jerry even though he tried to remind her about what the doctor said about his head injury. On another occasion, when she caught Jerry with another pair of women's shoes, she took the wooden heel of the shoe and beat him so badly that he drifted in and out of consciousness and an ambulance had to be called in.

As a result of all of the head injuries he suffered, Jerry started stealing shoes and eventually murdered a women named Kunsong Bennett. When Detectives Benson and Stabler question her about a collage student whose shoes were stolen, she tells them she doesn't know anything about it. When they show her pictures of their suspects, she confirms that one of them visits her bakery. When the detectives question her again, they ask her if she has a husband; she tells them about her divorces and also tells them about Jerry. In court, Mrs. Krug lies to the jury that Jerry's head was injured during a robbery at her bakery. Later on, when Brendan and later Jerry tells the detectives about her abuse, they arrest Mrs. Krug at her bakery for second-degree murder in Bennett's death. (SVU: "Tortured")